ShiftIt: Manage Mac OS Windows Without Leaving the Keyboard

2 minute read

I spent most of my computing life using Windows or Linux machines up until about a year ago, when I started using a MacBook Pro. I found the transition to be quite seamless, though I’m sure it helped that I had some Linux experience and didn’t go straight from Windows to Mac.

I do not want to derail this post by turning it into a Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux debate, so I’ll just say that it is very nice to have a machine where everything just works, and the trackpad is far and away the best I’ve ever used.

That said, the one thing I missed from Windows and Linux was the ability to easily manipulate windows or “snap” them to the left or right side of the screen. On Windows and Linux this is done via the Windows/super key + one of the arrow keys. I find myself doing this all the time, especially when working in a multiple monitor setup. Remarkably (at least to me), Mac OS does not have this functionality–the closest thing to it the ability to “Zoom” windows or apps.

Enter ShiftIt! ShiftIt is an application for Mac OS that allows you to quickly manipulate window position and size using keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are completely customizable, so they can be set to whatever best suits your workflow and keep your hands on the keyboard. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it works great!